Attn:  Rezoned Students..
If you are not currently attending TWH or KDDC and will be rezoned for BHS for the 2019-2020 School Year, currently, you will need to register at BHS this summer as a new student. Those dates will be posted here and on our School's website. Please check back often for updated information. In the meantime you can click on the 2019-2020 Registration page to find out what you will need to do to Register for the next school year. 

2019-20 BHS Registration Book
Dual Enrollment Forms and Directions
(Please open each item)
Due March 13
 in the School Counseling Office
What is an EPSO?
(Letter from State B of Ed, select stduents)
IMPORTANT - Apply online before turning paperwork in to School Counseling Office
Advance Placement Information
BHS Dual Enrollment Information Sheet
Course Override Request 
Application and Grant Instructions
CLASS OF 2020 Registration materials due to School Counseling Office by March 1
Signature Page - Page 1
Parent Acknowledgement Sheet - Page 2
 ​Class of 2020 Registration Information
(student presentation)
Hep B Form - Print and complete - Page 3
Registration Directions
Hope Scholarship Acknowledgement - page 4
Class of 2020 Course Selection Worksheet
*use the Graduation Checklist on page 53 of the Registration Book when checking requirements
Class of 2020 Post High School Planning Information