Need a Transcript?

If you are a current student...   

If you are a current student and need an unofficial transcript for yourself/sports/insurance discount, etc... You will still have to apply online. You will just have to put Beech High School as the recipient and note the reason for the request in the special instructions. Without notes, your request will not be filled and you will be contacted through scriborder. If a reply is not given with 24 hours the request will be denied and you will have to resubmit. Please make sure scriborder emails are not sent to your spam folder. 

 If you need it for a scholarship, put the School's address in the send to line and specify "Scholarship" in the comments. Current students are not given/mailed Official Transcripts for personal use or for them to send to Colleges themselves, they will not accept them as official .

For questions please email [email protected] before submitting your requests. 


The process for requesting a transcript has changed.  ALL students must request transcripts online through the Scriborder. You will have to choose the CURRENT STUDENT/2017 GRADUATES option. When inputting your information, there will be a drop down menu with the option to choose your current grade. Transcripts for currently enrolled/recently graduated (2017) students are free. Transcripts take 2 to 10 days to process from our office.  Colleges then may take an additional 30 days to process, although this is not normally the case.  It can take up to a month for the transcript to show up on your college/school account. Immunizations are sent with final transcripts for current (2018) students as they are not required by the school until then. 

2017 Graduates: You are not a current 12th grader. Please do not select this option. Choose your EXACT graduation year.

**Please note: Sumner County did not activate E-Transcripts. All transcripts will be mailed and not e-filed.  Please check your email after processing. Your request as you may be contacted through scriborder as there may be more information needed to complete your transaction**

Transcripts for Scholarships:  Request at
  • Official transcripts for scholarships must be SEALED.
  • Include the name of the scholarship for which you are requesting in the comments section of request.
  • Please be aware that processing time is 2 to 10 business days depending on the time of year.  Make your                     request two weeks in advance.   

If you are a former student/institution/employer...
We no longer accept transcript requests for former students in our office. Make your request online and indicate how you would like to recieve the transcript and the date by which you need it or provide the name and address where you would like the transcript to be sent. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions when your transcript is processed. If you are a former student and you select Grade 12 or the incorrect year of graduation, your transcript will be denied and you will have to re-apply. Transcripts from 2010 graduates and older will be processed by Central Office. Please check your email for communication from us through scriborder in case we have any questions. **Processing time is 2 to 10 business days depending on the time of year**

Go to
and apply online. There is a small processing fee required for former students/employers.

For more information on how to obtain a Replacement Diploma, GED scores, and Special Education Records visit our county website at: